How Orthodontics Helps Prevent Gum Disease

When patients think about orthodontics, their primary concern is helping to make their smile look better. While there are some aesthetic benefits to undergoing orthodontic treatment, it’s only one way it helps your smile. Correcting misaligned teeth and improper bite can also help avoid tooth decay, eliminate joint pain, and even help reduce your risk of experiencing gingivitis and periodontitis. Here at Birch Point Dental Clinic, we’re firm believers in patient education. Come with us as we explore how getting corrective treatment with orthodontic care can protect you from developing gum disease.

Discover How Orthodontic Care Protects You From Gum Disease

Treating with orthodontics is most often thought of as a way to improve the appearance of your smile. Misalignments, gapping, and improper bite can all be embarrassing for those living with them. However, there’s so much more to the benefits of orthodontic care. Three benefits of undergoing orthodontic care include:

  • Proper Teeth Alignment: When our teeth aren’t properly aligned, it creates spaces where food debris and plaque can build up and impact the health of our teeth. When plaque isn’t thoroughly removed, it becomes a harder substance called tartar or calculus. The presence of this biofilm can lead to inflammation and gum disease. Orthodontic care gives you a beautiful, properly aligned smile.
  • Enhanced Gum Disease: Our oral health is at its best when the gums fit tightly to the teeth. When our teeth are out of alignment, overcrowded, or otherwise compromised, it can result in gaps between our teeth and gums. This creates an ideal space for bacteria to invade and cause gum disease.
  • Improved Oral Hygiene: When our teeth are aligned properly, our toothbrush can reach all surfaces easily. This means we can more effectively remove plaque and tartar from the surface of our teeth. The result is a healthier smile that is more resistant to the formation of gum disease.

When you undergo orthodontic care with Birch Point Dental Clinic, you’re in the hands of experts in their field. We take a specific approach to developing your treatment, which includes the following elements:

  • Tailored Treatment: We focus on a personalized approach that tailors the care to our patient’s needs. By taking the specifics of your oral health into account, we’re able to provide the best results for your gum and tooth health.
  • Advanced Techniques: We stay abreast of the latest techniques in orthodontic care to ensure that we can deliver the best possible care to our patients.
  • Collaborative Care: We strive to deliver a holistic approach to oral health care at our clinic. We achieve this by combining orthodontic care with a variety of preventative strategies. The result is an incomparably comprehensive approach to your oral health.

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