How to Properly Brush and Floss Your Teeth

Maintaining a radiant smile is more than just a sign of good oral health; it reflects the care you put into your overall well-being. The cornerstone of this care, no surprise, is brushing and flossing. The Birch Point Dental Clinic in Thunder Bay, ON, overseen by Dr. Sanket Upadhyay, wishes to share a modern guide on mastering this age-old ritual with you.

Brushing: The New Gold Standard

  1. Choose the Right Toothbrush: Think of your toothbrush as a tailored suit— it must fit your mouth comfortably. For most adults, a small to medium-sized brush is ideal. Ensure it has soft bristles to avoid harming your gums.
  2. Dive into the 2×2 Rule: Two minutes, twice a day. Use a timer or play your favourite 2-minute song snippet while brushing to keep track.
  3. Angle it Right: Hold your brush at a 45-degree angle against the gums. Apply gentle pressure, and use short back-and-forth motions to clean every surface of each tooth.
  4. Don’t Forget the Tongue: Cleaning your tongue isn’t just about fresh breath. It can help remove bacteria that might lead to tooth decay.

Flossing: Your Dental Safety Net

Many see flossing as optional, but think of it as your dental safety net, catching what brushing alone misses.

  1. Select Your Tool: Floss comes in various forms, from standard string to soft picks. Find what’s comfortable for you. If you’re unsure, Dr. Sanket Upadhyay is always available for advice.
  2. Use Enough: About 18 inches should suffice. This allows you to use a fresh segment of floss as you move from tooth to tooth.
  3. Perfect the Technique: Gently curve the floss around each tooth, making a ‘C’ shape. Move it up and down, ensuring you go slightly below the gumline.
  4. Consistency is Key: Just like brushing, make flossing a daily habit. If you’re prone to forgetting, try flossing at a consistent time or setting a reminder.

Combining the Two for Optimal Health

Brushing and flossing should be a duo act. When combined, they ensure every corner of your mouth is free from food particles and bacteria. After brushing, flossing can reach those intricate spaces between teeth, which often house sneaky plaque-builders.

Remember, though, the tools are only as effective as their user. It’s essential to regularly replace your toothbrush (or brush head for electric types) every 3-4 months or sooner if bristles appear worn. Likewise, always use a fresh segment of floss for each session.

Key Points to Recall:

  • Embrace the 2×2 rule: Brush for two minutes, twice a day.
  • Make flossing a daily ritual.
  • Consult with your dentist regarding the right tools and techniques suitable for you.

For those residing in or near Thunder Bay, ON, the Birch Point Dental Clinic is more than a dental practice; it’s a community dedicated to fostering oral health education and care.

Taking the Next Step: Achieve Your Best Smile

Your journey to impeccable oral health starts with mastering the basics. And while brushing and flossing are foundational, routine dental check-ups at Birch Point Dental Clinic ensure you’re on the right track. Located in Thunder Bay, Dr. Sanket Upadhyay and his team are eager to guide you through the nuances of modern dental care. Your best smile awaits. Book an appointment today at (807) 698-8838.


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