Can You Receive Dental Care While Pregnant?

As an expecting mother, having questions about your oral health during pregnancy is perfectly natural. At Birch Point Dental Clinic, we are dedicated to addressing your concerns and can provide insights into how oral health impacts your pregnancy. In this article, we aim to provide some general guidelines for caring for your oral health, including the types of treatments you can receive and how to keep your teeth healthy during your pregnancy. 

Your Dentistry Options During Your Pregnancy

Determining when to visit the dentist while pregnant can be confusing, especially as significant hormonal changes can make you more sensitive to tastes, smells, and other outside sources of bacteria. Women facing pregnancy complications will also need extra precautions during this time. However, it is also crucial for anyone pregnant to seek dental care when needed, as untreated dental issues can lead to further complications for you and your growing baby. 

Here are the recommended treatments options to help you maintain your oral health during your pregnancy: 

  • Preventative Cleanings: Regular preventative cleanings are vital for your oral care, as getting your teeth cleaned can help prevent potential infections from impacting your oral health and can be used to prevent cavities, gum disease, and dry mouth. 
  • Follow-Up Appointments: Visiting your dentist for follow-up appointments is especially important, as your dentist can help monitor your progress with your pregnancy and any hormone-related issues that could contribute to your oral health. 
  • Restorative Treatments: Restorative treatments can address problems caused by infections and decay and can be provided for pregnant women as long as there is a reduced risk of infection. It’s advisable to schedule your treatments during your pregnancy’s first and second trimesters to prevent complications. 
  • Emergency Dental Care: Any emergency during your pregnancy should be treated immediately, especially if you experience a tooth that’s broken, infected, or traumatized. 
  • X-Rays and Diagnostics: Getting X-rays and other diagnostic tests are important to diagnose and treat dental conditions safely. Diagnostic X-rays don’t pose any significant risks to you or your developing baby, but if they are elective, postponing them until after your delivery is recommended. 
  • Elective Procedures: Any elective procedures, such as teeth whitening treatments, should be postponed until after the delivery of your baby to avoid any potential risks of infection. 
  • Pain Medications: Certain pain medications used to treat tooth infections are often prescribed as long as they are considered safe for your health. Some of the most common pain medications prescribed by dentists include penicillin, amoxicillin, or clindamycin, to help treat tooth infections. 

Experience Comprehensive Dental Care at Birch Point Dental Clinic

For expectant mothers, maintaining a healthy smile is essential for both you and your growing baby. At Birch Point Dental Clinic, our experienced dental team under Dr. Sanket Upadhyay is well-versed in providing safe and compassionate dental care during pregnancy. Whether you require routine check-ups or cleanings, or have specific dental concerns, we support you.

Contact us today at (807) 698-8838 to schedule an appointment at our location in Thunder Bay, ON P7B 3B7, Canada. Ensure that your dental health remains in excellent condition throughout your pregnancy journey. Trust Birch Point Dental Clinic for comprehensive evaluation and personalized care.


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